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Wild dog Full movie online leaked 2021

‘Wild Dog’ hit the screen this Friday. Here is our review of the latest box office release.

Wild dog Story:

ACP Vijay Verma (Akkineni Nagarjuna) is on a mission to crack the Pune bombings case. But before he and his team can catch Khalid, who carried out the blasts, the terrorist is the mastermind of a series of explosions in Hyderabad. Vijay Varma is shown the door by his boss as he cannot control his temper.

What does Vijay Verma do now? Why does he and his team go to Nepal? Will they ever teach Khalid a lesson? This is about the rest of the film.


‘Wild Dog’, directed by Akkineni Nagarjuna, does not suffer from its daring hero. The film invests adequately in the characters played by Ali Raza, Mayank Parikh, Prakash Sudarshan and Pradeep, who are seen as the protagonists’ well-known people. In Raw Agent Arya Pandit (Symi Kher), we find a bold female character who is skillful and agile. In DGP Hemant (Atul Kulkarni), we see an emotional anchor.

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Nagarjuna delivers a good performance. In the scene where he sees a terrorist groove and just sits in his vehicle, calmly listening to a song, we see a team leader who assures the ability of his boys. The 61-year-old actor is remarkably glamorous and fit for the role. At times, it seems that director Ahishor Solomon could have given Nag some more power-filled lines.

S. Thaman (background music) and Shanil Dev (cinematography) own only a few films. They take the proceedings to the next level, making the ‘wild dog’ realize a clever actor. BGM is separated into at least three parts. As the director of photography, he easily captures different landscapes (concrete city from inside the house, a forest and snow-covered areas).

This is the reason where the loan. The casting is pitch-perfect, with hardly any actor failing to make the grade. Editing is sufficient.

The film does not waste much time setting up Nag’s trigger-happy police. For that matter, at 129 minutes, the film could not afford to be lazy in establishing the premise.

One feels that the investigation track where Nag and his team worked hard to cut from the CCTV footage that a hospitalized victim must have told them in two minutes seems like a loose end.

In a shoot-out scene, Nag’s character asks a fellow character who is killing them from somewhere. Another character asks the same question. Since no film critic has ever faced such a situation in real life, it cannot be said with confidence whether such a question is usually asked to those facing an existential crisis on the battlefield. . But the question looks quite strange in the film.

Wild Dog‘ is based on the story of a magazine published in 2014, detailing how the NIA team caught Yasin Bhatkal, who was sentenced to death by an NIA court in 2016. There is a mild reference to how media-driven politicization of the Ishrat Jahan encounter in Gujarat hurt the morale of investigators. The film probably should have been more political. Audiences have the stomach for bold statements these days. Verdict:

‘Wild Dog’ scores full marks in relation to its technical output. The film does not wow with its thrill.

వైల్డ్ డాగ్ మూవీ రివ్యూ తెలుగులో చదవండి

Wild Dog

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