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WhatsApp can work on ways to transfer your chat history to a new phone number

WhatsApp can be a new phone number for you to transfer chat history ways to go to work

In case you are changing, transferring your phone to WhatsApp chat has been one of the most difficult tasks. While WhatsApp is working on allowing users to transfer their chats between Android and iOS devices, migrating their chats while chatting is still another controversial issue when you change your number.

Even if users wanted to do a fresh install, WhatsApp wants you to use the same mobile number to restore chat from the device or from the cloud. If you had to switch your mobile number, you are forced to let go of your old chat. However, it looks like this may be changing soon.

Wabtenfo’s trusted people indicate that Facebook’s The led messaging platform is working on a new tool that will help users transfer chat history to a different number. Apart from chat, this tool is also expected to transfer all media to the new number / phone.

The feature that is currently under development, aims to preserve your chat history and will be automatically launched before your chat history migration, with the Inter OS Transfer feature expected to be released. Until now, when you change your smartphone, WhatsApp only allows you to seamlessly transfer history between Android devices.

In a related piece of news, WhatsApp is also currently working on securing chat backups. The company was recently spotted testing chat backups that are encrypted end-to-end while being stored on Google Drive. While chat and shared media between individuals or groups are encrypted end-to-end, automatic backups were not. Since chat and media backup on Google Drive on Android is the most commonly used backup solution, WhatsApp needs to make sure that it also covers flaws and that any scope of data leaks is pre-decided. is .

This feature will become important when WhatsApp introduces inter OS chat transfer or chat and media backup transfer to a new mobile number that gives peace of mind to privacy conscious users.

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