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Now anyone can get a blue tick on twitter, here is how to get it

Now anyone can get on Twitter with a blue tick, here’s how to get yours

The social networking giant Twitter had said: “Verification has been considered as an endorsement. This notion got worse when we opened verification for public presentations and verified those we don’t support in any way Do. “And now, after a long hiatus during which the blue tick system has been removed, Twitter’s new verification process is starting again for everyone.

Starting on Thursday 20 May, the new Twitter verification process will begin. Accounts falling into six different categories will be able to apply for the iconic Twitter Blue Tick. There are various categories here for Twitter verification.

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• Government • companies, brands and organizations • news organizations and journalists • entertainment • sports and gaming • activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

Those wishing to apply for Twitter verification will be able to do so directly in their account settings. If you don’t see an option in the Account Settings tab to apply for Blue Tick — don’t worry, Twitter is in the process of rolling it out.

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