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The next update for your Samsung Galaxy Watch will come from Google

For next update your samsung galaxy watch will come from google

Despite Android being the most popular mobile operating system on the planet (now there are 3 billion active Android gadgets in the wild) Google has struggled to translate that success into a successful smartwatch platform. While the rival Apple Watch has become an accessory for a dizzying number of iPhone owners, Google’s Wear OS lags behind its fruity-tasting competitor in terms of adoption and features.

However, this may be about to change.

During its annual developer conference, Google IO, a Mountain View-based firm, announced a drastic change to its smartwatch software. Google has achieved success with Samsung with its Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit smartwatches and fitness trackers to bring together its competing wearable software. The Tizen OS used to power Samsung smartwatches, TVs, fridges etc. will now be able to communicate with Google’s Wear OS.

Like Android smartphones, which are made by many different firms, but everyone can communicate, even if you have Samsung-branded smartwatches on your friends’ wrists and you have a Google-designed option — all of you together. Will be able to participate in fitness competitions, send encouragement to texts, and more.

This means that a large number of new smartwatch owners will suddenly be able to interact with each other, share messages of encouragement, and check each other’s data from runs, walks and swims.

But this is only half the story. By bringing their operating systems together, Google and Samsung are making it easier for developers to design apps for both brands of devices. Now Spotify needs to build a separate smartwatch app to wear OS Tizen OS, and Fitbit. Instead, a single app will be able to work natively with millions of devices from three popular brands.

Google, which completed its $ 2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit earlier this year, will allow developers to beam apps to Samsung, any future Google-branded wearables, and Fitbit gadgets with a single click. Likewise, customers who have owned Samsung branded wearables will be able to move to Fitbit for paid apps, health data tracking, and more without losing any more.

All in all, this is very good news. Except that this latest cross-platform version may not be compatible with the wearer’s OS with its aging smartwatch.

Asked by Google-centric blog 9 5 about how many of Google’s currently wearing OS devices on the wrist worldwide will be able to run this shiny new update, a Google spokesman said: “The new version will later Once the start of the year we will have more updates to share on the deadline. “

Like Google there is dodging questions, something that immediately raises a few eyebrows. Certainly, if they were supporting every device … will be monitoring the situation in the coming months. Google is usually launching its movie operating system update in the autumn, so expect to see some latest and greatest wear OS versions sometime before Christmas.

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