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Thaen Full Movie Review, download link 2021

Thaen Full Movie Review

After directing commercial entertainers like Arulnithi starrer Thagararu and Vikram Prabhu starrer Veera Shivaji, director Ganesh Vinayakan is back with Thaen, a realistic emotional entertainer about the plight of a common man. With promos promising a hard-hitting story, let’s take a look at what’s in store for Thaen.

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The story of Thaen leads Velu (Tharun Kumar) who lives a happy life with his loving wife Poongodi (Abarnathi) and his daughter in a remote village on a hill side. Things go well until one day when Pongodi becomes ill and is later diagnosed with a fatal disease. As Velu struggles to get medical help for Pongodi, he has refused because the couple does not have government evidence. With his health deteriorating and further able to save Velu, his wife is what Thaen is all about.


Both lead actors Tharoon Kumar and Abaranathi give intense and emotional performances that lift the film. Tharoon Kumar demonstrates innocence and pain with his unique body language, while Abaranati despite being a debut score with his intense, powerful performance. The rest of the cast is substantial and the child who plays the daughter gives an extraordinary performance at the end.

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Sanath Bhardwaj’s background score is in sync with the film’s mood and lifts the film in several emotional moments. Sukumar’s cinematography captures the beauty of hilly locations and nature in a remarkable way and is an asset to Thaen.


After making commercial large-scale films, Thein Ganesh is a contrast flick from Vinayakan and the producer delivers a raw and emotional flick that is relevant as well as carries an important social message. Taking out the top performances from Tharun Kumar and Abaranathi, Ganesh Vinayakan hit the right notes with his constant focus on human emotions that would definitely impress the audience. Ganesha puts many important questions in front of the Vinayakan system which is sure to remain in the mind for a long time.

In addition to the positive factors, Thein has part of the logic as well as flaws for tosses in some sequences and excessive melodrama at locations. Nevertheless, despite these shortcomings Thein is a unique, hard-hitting entertainer who will give you a tough fight with his lifelong characters and their plight, and this raises the question. All told, supporting the performances of Tharoon Kumar and Abaranathi, Ganesh Vinayakan’s Thein is a tough, impressive emotional entertainer that is worth a watch.


Verdict: A hard hitting and realistic emotional recreation.

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