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Simon Cowell: My son brought out the softer side of me

Simon Cowell: My son brought out his softer side

He said that every effort is being made to prevent such incidents.

Simon Cowell

The 61-year-old entertainer Mogul has seven-year-old son Eric with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, and has said that he “can’t imagine” his life without his son, which he saw as “the most amazing thing”.

Simon spoke during an appearance on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’, where Kelly – who was the first winner of ‘American Idol’ for which Simon was a judge – said that the notoriously harsh critic had become “different since becoming a father”. Friend “.

He said: “You’re like a different friend with a child. I think the weak little side of you came out when you were a kid.”

And Simon replied: “Maybe. When I lost my parents, I really felt, Kelly, I would never feel that kind of love for anyone. Until I scanned her for the first time.” saw .

“From the moment I saw the scan, I was like ‘That’s it, I’m bashed.’ Now I can’t imagine my life without her. That’s the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. I love her.” “

The ‘X Factor’ producer is always keen to impress his son, and he admitted that he was left “so embarrassed” when he fell off his electric bike last year and broke his back. Because he did not want his son to see him in a vulnerable position.

He said: “I was so embarrassed about coming home to see about 100 [years old] because I couldn’t walk, and I had these metal rods and these screws in my back. I said, ‘Lauren, I don’t know How to explain it to [Eric]. ‘He said something clearly, to him, because he came in … and I was lying in bed and he said,’ Daddy, you’re like an Ironman. , “And I thought that was the sweetest thing and it meant a lot.”

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