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RGV Dheyyam Full Movie Review 2021


‘RGV Dheyyam’ hit the screens today (16 April). Here is our review of the latest box office release.

RGV Dheyyam Story:

Vijji (Swati Deekshit) is a ghost obsessed with a college girl, who suddenly gets spooked after spouts. Her father Shankar (Rajasekhar) is a mechanic who is disturbed by her daughter’s strange behavior. He patronizes a series of experts to help him find a solution. What disease Vijji? Why does he have What is redemption?


The film was originally produced as ‘Patta Pagalu’ seven years ago. Keeping the old title in mind, director Ram Gopal Varma lets the ghosts go fearless during the day. Considering the idiocy of horror films, however, he lets every character behave as if they are in the dark forever, even if the facts are in plain sight. “He should be stressed due to the exam”. “He should have nightmares”. And more BS like this. At one point, a character becomes blurred: “She must have hormonal changes. So she is behaving like a ghost.”


The problem with RGV after the 2000s is not that it is overrated. The problem is that he is prolific to boot. The film was made in 2013 or so. Even by the standards of those days, every single horror film trope featured in ‘RGV Dayam’ is dated.

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Our horror movies will become less annoying to watch on the day their characters stop believing that they are giving insight when they get banned like this: ‘Dayalu Bhuthalu M Levu ‘. And then proceed to consult the most boring occult practitioner around.

It seems, after a point, even members of the censor board are bored to censor the film. The first time Swati’s character pronounces the word ‘lan * a kod * ka’, it is silent. The second time she pronounces the same word, it allows her to pierce through our poor earrings with a lesbian. RGV sex the ghost by talking about sexual fantasies of an uncle and extramarital affair of an unseen woman.

All the time, the ghost becomes untouched as everyone is either busy crying or is showing nervousness in their presence. There comes a point when a character has a quasi-spiritual and moral debate with a ghost who clearly deserves a better one.

Dr. Rajasekhar is the most teary-eyed female TV character of a male version. As an aggrieved father, he expresses a degree of sympathy. Swati Dixit is below average, while the late Devdas Kanakala plays the role of a mad grandfather-psychiatrist. Anita Chaudhary plays the role of an evil stepmother, while Jeeva, Benerjee, Ahuti Prasad and Anant are unsuccessful with fake dubbing.

DSR’s BGM and Satish Muthyala’s cinematography are lowering grades.


tells the story of ‘RGV Dheyyam‘, a small fantasy with a vengeful ghost. This is a strictly avoidable bore fest.

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