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Jaani Dushman Film Download Online HD quality no. 1

Cast:- Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol, Sonu Nigam, Sunil Shetty, Manisha Koirala
Standard: Horror
Music: Udit Narayan
Supervisor: Gautham Raju
Cinematographer: Jayanan Vincent
Story, screenplay, heading: Gopichand Malineni
Maker: Param V Potluri

Jaani Dushman – Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002) (Hindi Horror Film Jaani Dushman / Bollywood Movie / Indian Jaani Dushman): Download HD quality Movie Jaani Dushman Bollywood Movie cast Akshay Kumar Download

Jaani Dushman She has tightened up her body with wonderful oomph factor and gave the necessary visual dining experience. There is no uncertainty that she will play a long innings in Tollywood and arrive at top position.

Jani Dushmann Film Review

The slap on the cheek should be one of Tollywood’s number one comic ploys and Brahmanandam has turned it – (getting slapped i.e.) – into a compelling artwork. He has played the side-kick, who continues to get slapped by the saint in innumerable motion pictures, yet the crowds can’t prevent themselves from blasting out laughing…more regularly than not. Conjecture we’ve recently been adapted to trust it’s interesting to see individuals getting slapped by our producers who found another characteristic off late – pressing in any event one complimenting Pawan Kalyan reference.

Directly initially, we have that notable pony riding scene from Gabbar Singh in a fantasy grouping, as though to let the Pawan fans among the crowd an opportunity to hoot. Nonetheless, Balayya fans then again, haven’t taken excessively generous to a scene where Ravi Teja impersonates the Nandamuri symbol’s discourse conveyance in a satire scene.

However, at that point Brahmanandam goes after Allu Arjun’s Matalu levu exchange from Iddarammayilatho and is additionally seen cutting gangam style with Shruti. The peak has some amazing hopping japang minutes likewise came in. The producers sure got all the bases covered on the “amusement” front.

It has many Ravi Teja minutes also. Nee bajji peeki, nune lo vesi, cut chesi, cut mirchi chesestha (I will snatch your bajji, fry it in oil and cut it and make cut mirchi out of it) goes a joke. There are a lot of punch exchanges also. Essential ga na voice ki base ekkuva, hand ki durada ekkuva, all out ga ee body ki balupu ekkuva. . . Ye dread leni vadu endulonaina meddle avuthadu…. Obviously, the Mass Maharaja carts away the customized job with his brand name panache.

He is at his comic best when playing a particular credit recuperation specialist, Ravi in the primary half and changes gears to play a hot headed wear, Shankar, in the flashback scene in the subsequent half. It is uncovered that Ravi and his father (Prakash Raj) were “sworn adversaries” competing with one another for turning into the most impressive wear in Vishakapatnam. However, Shankar becomes hopelessly enamored with (Anjali), the little girl of Prakash Raj, who is furious. You should watch the film to sort out why the two posture as father and child.

Shruti Haasan’s garments pull in more consideration than her acting. It’s a captivating job you see. Anjali and Prakash Raj take away their job convincingly as does Ashutosh Rana. The music is regularly perky and the melodies have a mass vibe to them.

The film figures out how to dole out a lot of diversion, regardless of whether it is of the weak and droll assortment. You wouldn’t head out to a Ravi Teja film anticipating a lot of something else. The film figures out how to satisfy the hopes, which appear to have slipped significantly after a spate of the entertainers ongoing motion pictures which were well worse than average.

Jaani Dushman Performance Video Download

Ravi Teja is his fiery best and he has the ability to draw in the crowd as long as he is onscreen. His punch discoursed and his planning functioned admirably this time.

Jaani Dushman film Bollywood

Anjali’s character was critical and she has conveyed her touch as required. In spite of the fact that her job was non glitz her non-verbal communication and articulations sufficiently offer to stimulate the nerves.

Prakash Raj had a differentiating job and he has performed well. Adivi Sesh’s screen presence is great. He can be a promising scoundrel in Tollywood. Brahmanandam gave a lot of satire and Ali additionally sparkled at every possible opportunity. Ashutosh Rana didn’t have an amazing portrayal he might have been utilized better. Nasser was common. The others were there to fill the screen.


Akshay Kumar


Jaani Dushman film Download Full Movie

Jaani Dushman ANALYSIS

A Akshay Kumar Jaani Dushman film is about high energy exhibitions, solid masala exchanges, mouth drying style portion or more all, amusing satire.

These are the guidelines he has set from his past films. Given his new series of failures it was significant for him to support similar assumptions. Furthermore, this time it would seem that the chief has prevailing to a degree.

Jaani Dushman Piece
Jaani Dushman

The film has the same old thing to bring to the table and substance shrewd it isn’t excessively extraordinary. Yet, he was mindful so as to do the bundling in the correct way and keep the energy stream consistent with no plunge.

The Jaani Dushman takes off on a typical note and has the standard components of humor, melodies, activity and some sentiment.

The stretch blast uncovers the plot and gives the necessary contort.

The subsequent half proceeds with a similar energy and keeps up the amusement factor also. On the other side, the film doesn’t have anything sudden or inquisitive.

The chief has followed the average business potboiler equation and abused Ravi Teja’s mass picture with Shruti’s fabulousness bid in right extents and pulled it off. That way, the film would work industrially however it doesn’t score on the substance and profundity of subject.

Given the way that there are very few major deliveries around will profit the assortments. In general, this is a film which can be looked for its time pass diversion.

Jaani Dushman film Download Full HD quality direct link

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