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Download BLACK WIDOWS full web series online best direct link 2021

Black Widows Cast :- Sharad Kelkar, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Aamir Ali, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Mona Singh, Swastika Mukherjee, Shamita Shetty, Raima Sen

Tittle Black Widows, Language Hindi, Country India, Genre Thriller, Drama, Release Platform ZEE5, Director :- Birsa Dasgupta, Producer :- Birsa Dasgupta, Screenplay :– Birsa Dasgupta, Total Episode 12 Episodes, Subtitle English

Black widow ZEE5 review

Black widows are ZEE5’s newest offering. Download BLACK WIDOWS it shows how the three wives decide to get out of their abusive marriage. However, the path they choose is not very easy. This series is a must have for those who are sucking on a good mystery thriller. The web series begins with Veera Mehrotra (Mona Singh) telling the audience that she is going to die soon. This then takes us back to a time where the show’s major couples are on vacation. The men are seen on a boat, on which the bomb is planted. While this was a plot summary, here is our view on it.

Black widow web series hindi

The couples are Jatin Mehrotra (Sharad Kelkar) and Veera Mehrotra (Mona Singh), Jayati Sardesai (Swastika Mukherjee) and Lalit Sardesai (Mohan Kapur), and Kavita Tharoor (Shamita Shetty) and Nilesh Tharoor (Vipul Roy). After the boat incident, police start investigating the case and officer Rinku (Shruti Vyas) interrogates the women about the day. It begins with a description of their abusive marriage. The transition shown from the present to the past, where we see the holiday story, is really good. All husbands are poisonous in different ways and their wives are frustrated with their lives. The direction is superb and the performances are equally over the top.

Later in the show, we see that things did not go exactly as they had planned and the show takes a very deep turn. The police discover the mystery of Pankaj (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) deeply and he leads the investigation and realizes the conspiracy. Unaware of this, women are already enjoying their freedom and celebrating life. There are scenes where an awkward situation arises and also makes us laugh about the deaths, further exploring his style as a dark comedy. Cinematography, dark tones and grit music create the perfect environment for some nail-biting situations.

Black widow web series ZEE5 download

Also, Lalit Sardesai’s son brings a change in Jayati’s life from her previous marriage. In Veera’s life, things take a more twist as her husband’s business partner shows up and is looking for the money she and Jatin made together. However, Jatin has survived the explosion and is trying his best to keep it secret from his wife and his friends. We also see the mysteries of the business called MediPharma, which Jatin and his friend were a part of.

Raima Sen appears as an evil businesswoman and makes sure that the audience knows that she is the boss. Her screen presence is so powerful that at the moment we forget what the real story is. Lalit’s son continues to influence the story and becomes an interesting character.

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When the investigation approaches Inayaa (Raima Sen), we find out that she is already in a deal with the boss of the investigators. Pankaj, unknown to this, continues to harass his boss for not dismissing the case as a simple murder and shutting it down. Lalit’s son and Kavita grow closer and develop a crush on each other. Shamita Shetty contributed to the humor with her acting.

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Later in the show, we see the twists becoming more intense, as has been the case in the past. There Lalit and Nilesh started suspecting Jatin for depositing large sums of money. Then Nilesh and Lalit had decided to take some action about it and Jayati ended it. In the current scene, Pankaj discovers clues of one of the three men being alive. Parambrata fully unfolds the scenes of others where he is present.

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Soon we get to know the real story of Inaaya’s business based on a very dark truth known by Jatin and his friend. The writing of the show was the best at this point and the direction justified it perfectly.


The relationship that had developed between Veera and Eddie (Amir Ali), the father of his daughter’s friend, quickly comes to a standstill as his past refuses to leave him. Veera executes her plan when she takes over her husband’s company but gets caught in a scam. Veera gets trapped in more turmoil, including her love life


Later we get to know how Jatin worked and by then we start questioning everything that comes on the show. Sharad Kelkar’s acting in those parts will make you his fan! The show’s gritty atmosphere seems to be more believable, to hide from the eyes of everyone when he walks into the hoodie. Near the end, the writing and direction of the show becomes worthy of your applause, when women break up and secrets begin to unravel. Black Widows is a long watch, with many secrets of an event unfolding.


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