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Delhi Police makes Kafkaesque arrests above a genuine question: Why did India export vaccines?

What is the Modi government doing during a deathly pandemic? It might look inexplicable but one answer to this actually involves tracking down and arresting individuals for questioning it.

Starting May 12, the Delhi Police, that reports directly to the Union authorities, started to arrest people who had put text up posters throughout the city. “Modi ji, why did you export the vaccines intended for our children?” The posters mentioned in Hindi.

By the end, the Delhi authorities had detained as many as 25 individuals — most of them poor residents seeking to earn some cash putting up posters — under a ton of segments like disobeying the order of a public servant or defacement of public land. “Nothing short of ridiculous,” as one lawyer put it, describing why in a collection of tweets.

The images that led to the arrests at Delhi. Photo: Twitter

‘Vaccine guru’

Given the Modi government’s extreme response, the irony is that the posters actually highlight some thing that the government has often raised itself as a means to pat itself on the spine : India’s record quantity of vaccine exports to countries across the world.

Back in September, Prime Minister Modi moved to the United Nations General Assembly and delivered an”assurance” which India’s vaccine production capacities are open to the world. Aside from enabling orders with Indian producers, this involved an explicit government programme known as”Vaccine Maitri” to supply vaccines to other countries.

This was — as is normal for foreign policy at the Modi era — accompanied by a marketing blitzkrieg to bolster the government’s reputation. The Indian authorities claimed credit for its global supply of vaccines, with friendly media outlets regularly crediting Modi for this.

In a statement that has not aged well, the Indian authorities at the United Nation even claimed in March the India has provided more offenses to the world than to its people.

Many media outlets credited the prime minister together using India’s export of vaccines. Here Hindi news channel ABP News known as Modi a”vaccine ace”.

Through this marketing blitzkrieg what the Indian authorities egregiously missed, clearly, was the chance of a second wave.

As it patted its rear supplying to other countries, the Modi government placed few orders for vaccines for the citizens to utilize. Consequently, Indians face a crippling vaccine shortage, with just 3 percent of the populace completely vaccinated even as the next wave has supposed India was hit harder by Covid-19 than every other country.

To get a error so big, unfortunately the Modi government seems to have learnt several lessons. On April 19, it exceeded this problem simply by abandoning its role in vaccinating Indians under 45 years of age and forcing states to purchase from the worldwide market — the only country where this is being done.

Rendering it worse

Subsequently grinding itself further into a hole, it’s gone and attempted to use power to shut down criticism of this tragedy that India’s vaccine policy was, hurriedly attempting to deny its boast of vaccine exports till only a couple of months ago.

The Modi government needs to realise that the use of force won’t repair the issue — neither getting Indians more crimes nor resolving the political crisis that it faces not planning for a second wave.

As opposed to shutting down criticism, then the Modi government needs to take it on board. And rather than wasting its energies arresting individuals with valid criticism of its catastrophic vaccine policy, the Modi government needs to put its head down, do its job and make sure that India’s states have enough vaccines to disperse to their taxpayers.

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