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5 Secret tips for How to Stay Young According to Ayurveda Best Practices 2021

Secret tips for How to Stay Young According to Ayurveda– Everybody wants to be young forever, but very few people try for it. Actually, the solution to remove old age is everyone’s dream, but to realize this dream, according to Ayurveda, the rules that have to be followed are not known by people. Today we are going to tell you about the measures to remove old age, following the same rules, which our sages and sages always remained healthy and to stay young.

We are all familiar with the story of a sorceress, she used to steal the youth of others to stay young. We all want to stay fresh and young forever, but for this, there is no need to steal someone’s youth like a magician. It is clear to say that you will also get old age after one age. But if you want this old age to come a little late, the freshness of your face and body should be maintained for a few more days, then you should start taking precautions in time.

Measures to Stay Young

Actually with the right food and some special things you can also get evergreen youth. For this, you have to include some natural foods in your daily routine. So let’s first tell you about some such food and drink items…


Originally from the American continent, this fruit is found in the name of Makhanphal in India. Vitamin E is rich in this fruit. Avocados also contain anti-oxidants that protect the skin. Avocado helps your skin cells regenerate and gives your skin a youthful and fresh look. Include spinach like garlic, sweet potato, avocado, green leafy vegetables in your diet. These things work to increase collagen. Along with this, almond milk, chicken and fish also help in the remedy of old age. Consumption of these things keeps the skin young for a long time. To Stay Young for long term

Drink more water

Skin wrinkling is a major symptom of aging. Drinking 4 liters of water throughout the day is an effective treatment. Many other diseases of the body are overcome by drinking more water, due to drinking more water can the body swell? Yes, this is because the amount of sodium in the body is reduced by drinking more water. Due to low sodium in the body, not only inflammation, but also the problem of obesity can be faced. This happens due to lack of electrolytes in the body. To Stay Young for long.

Avoid stress

Anger and mental anxiety cause wrinkles on the skin before time. Brain tension causes a chemical process in our body to produce cortisol which damages our skin. Under stress everything seems very difficult and big. Bad things happen to everyone, not just to you. So try to remain normal and positive under stress. – Learn to say no, if you cannot do any work well or it is not your responsibility, then do not say clearly.

Do not smoke

Wrinkles on the skin of cigarette smokers begin to appear before aging. Smoking produces enzymes in the body that are believed to be responsible for wrinkles. Every cigarette puff contains many toxic substances, and when one smokes, the body has to repair the damage caused by these substances.

If the person does not smoke for some time, then his body gets some more time for this repair. A few hours, a few days, a few weeks, the more time a person can stay away from smoking, the better it is. Massaging the skin by mixing lemon juice in the oil of Jetun controls the wrinkles of the facial skin. This is a good way to bring glow to the face. And To Stay Young for long periods

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