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5 Most Bold Underrated Bollywood Thriller Movies Available on YouTube

Welcome to VegaNews- Thriller film is a genre that everyone loves to watch. We have seen a lot of original Bollywood thriller in the last several years. After which the audience has started taking more interest in such films.

In this blog, we will tell you about five such thriller movies which have always been very underrated and you can watch all these films for free on YouTube.

SAMAY Bollywood Thriller

1: SAMAY – If you like the serial killers style genre then you must watch samay.

maxresdefault 2

In the film Murders starts happening one after the other, After which the character of ACP Malvika Chauhan is brought into Investigation. In his investigation, it is revealed that after each murder, the killer put the dead body’s hands positioned like clock needles, which shows the time of his death.

The film is very intense from the first scene to the end scene and the climax of the film will absolutely surprise you.

The Samay was released in 2003 and the audience did not take much interest in watching such a series thriller film then.

Samay received positive reviews from the critics and is considered to be the Indian version of the Hollywood film Seven. You can watch the Samay on YouTube on the official YouTube channel of Ultra Movies and the film is also available on Prime Video.


2: Maharathi – Maharathi, released in 2008, is a very entertaining thriller film in which we see the story of a retired film director Jaisingh who has become an alcoholic now and he feels that his wife will kill him and take his 24 crore insurance. Huh.

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“If I die by suicide, then the insurance company will not have to pay even a penny. Unless You can prove my suicide his murder.”

In the film, we get to see many characters who have been shown as a suspect, Maharathi is a thriller film, but at the same time the screenplay of the film is written as a dark comedy.

In which Paresh Rawal’s character adds energy to the film. This film will not bore you at all and you can watch it on the official YouTube channel of Unisey.


3: Thirteen-B – This film is counted among Bollywood cult horror thriller films where audiences get to see something new.

In Thirteen-B, we see the story of a family who shifts to their new home and starts watching TV serials SAB KHAIRIYAT there. So whatever happens in the serial starts happening with them in real life, then the Real problem comes when the main characters are murdered in the serial. This means that something similar is going to happen to them in reality as well.

maxresdefault 4
Thirteen B part 3

This film is completely a Edge of the horror thriller in which another thrill is seen after a while Thirtin-B’s story was so popular.
That Later, the film’s official rights were purchased in Hollywood as well.

Very few people have seen the film even today and when it was released, the film was a flop. You can watch the film on YouTube, Hotstar and Jeocinema.


4: Manorama Six Feet Under – If you want to watch an authentic Indian thriller film, Manorama is one of its prime example.

The Narrative of the film is absolutely original and while watching the film, you cannot compare the film to any other film.

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In the film, we see the character of Satyaveer who is an engineer by the profession and has also written a Nobel named Manorama in which he tells the story of a detective. Because of this Nobel, he meets a woman who asks him to keep an eye on his husband and from there the element of suspense starts in the film’s story.

During Satyaveer’s investigation, there are some things come in investigation which can also threaten his life and on the other hand, there is a different narrative in which you see a murder mystery.

Manorama is a very high quality thriller that you must watch. Apart from lead character Abhay Deol – Rai Mashin, Gul Panag, Vinay Pathak and Nawazuddin Siddiqui appear in the important role in the film.

The film is directed by Lal Kaptan and NH10’s films Director Navdeep Singh and you can watch the film on YouTube and Prime Video.

404 Error Not Found

5: 404 error not found – 404 is a very complex psychological thrillers

In whose story we see Abhimanyu, a college student who is fed up with ragging in the hostel and shifts to a different room whose number is 404.

maxresdefault 6
404 error not found

Many years ago, a student had suicide in this room, after which this room has been kept closed. Everyone refuses to go to this room because they feel that his Spirit still lives in this room. But Abhimanyu does not believe in all these things and starts living in the room.

After this, there are some surprising twists and turns comes in the film, for which you must watch this film.

The film is directed by Praval Raman, who has made films like Darna Mana hai, Gayab and Main aur Charles.
404 is a great thriller that audiences still know little about. The film has been viewed on YouTube by more people than theater and TV and film is counted among Bollywood’s one of the most underrated films.

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