Golden retriever shares adorable embrace with tiny puppy ‘this made my heart happy’

An adorable clip of two golden retrievers cuddling together has melted hearts on the internet after it went viral.

The pair of goldies showed off just how cute they are in the video, with the footage showcasing a tiny puppy embracing the older dog.

The heartwarming video begins with the two sweet dogs playing together in the kitchen.

The pair appear to be attempting to figure each other out at first, as they both nudge at one another in a curious manner.

But they soon settle down, with the puppy beginning to lick their older sibling while they attempt to dodge.

As the tiny pup grows tired they begin to slowly slump into the arms of their sibling in an adorable way.

The older dog instantly rests their head on the puppy before the favour is quickly returned.

The video, set to ‘Happy Together’ by The Turtles, was uploaded by TikTok user @olives_odyssey.

The clip was a huge hit on the video sharing platform, with almost 120,000 views and over 31,000 likes.

Viewers were enamoured with the two golden retrievers, with one user commenting: “This made my heart happy! Thank you for sharing.”

Another commenter wrote: “Innocent unconditional love… isn’t it so great!”

A third added: “Goldies are the best at any age!”

These golden retrievers aren’t the first of their breed to have enjoyed viral success of late, after Marley’s owners uploaded a video of their dog growing up before their eyes.

The clip tugged at viewers’ heartstrings, reminding them to cherish all the time with their furry friends.

The video captures eight years of Marley’s life, from 2013 to present day and perfectly encapsulates the experience of a dog growing old.

Another goldie to have experienced social media fame recently was Darcy, who was seen on Facebookplaying in a huge pile of leaves.

The elderly dog may struggle to walk at 13-years-old but doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying some outdoor playtime.

In the video, Darcy could be seen bounding through a mound of leaves looking for her tennis ball, clearly enjoying doing so.