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10 Hollywood Actors who are Banned from working in Hollywood?

To outsiders, hollywood can seem like a huge place. But at its heart, it’s really a small town where everyone knows everyone else.

Just one misstep and even an a list celebrity can find themselves completely blacklisted.

We’ll talk about some celebs whose careers are struggling because nobody in hollywood wants to hire them.

Who is banned from Hollywood?

Who is the rudest celebrity in Hollywood?

Who wont Hollywood cast anymore?

Why do actors get blacklisted?

What does blacklisted mean today?

What actors have been blacklisted?

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Josh hartnett

Josh Hartnett Hollywood actor

There was a time when actor josh hartnett could do no wrong in hollywood. He was starring in hit movies like black hawk down, pearl harbor, and the faculty, and directors were eager for him to star in their films.

He was considered a hollywood heartthrob, and regularly appeared on lists of the most gorgeous celebs, but all of a sudden it was like he dropped off the face of the earth, and people wondered what happen to him.

Considering how huge superhero movies are now, you’d have to be crazy to turn down a leading role in one. But josh hartnett did this not once, not twice, but three times! He had the chance to play spider-man, superman and batman and turned them all down.

He explained that he don’t want to be typecast as a superhero to famous director christopher nolan. You might know him as the man who directed major blockbusters including the dark night trilogy.

Nolan hired christian bale for the role instead, and blacklisted a seemingly pompous and ungrateful hartnett. Nolan even dropped hartnett from appearing in his films the prestige and got christian bale to fill in for that role as well.

As he tries to make a return to acting years later, hartnett admits that turning down batman might have been a bad idea.

Anne hathaway

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Anne Hathaway Hollywood actress

Anne hathaway is a beautiful and talented woman who is absolutely reviled by some people.

Infact , her detractors even use the term “hathahate” to describe the intense feeling of hatered towards her, is this just a case of a personality clash?
Well, admittedly hathaway has done some pretty outlandish things that we don’t blame people for taking issue with.

She confessed that she struggles to work with female directors, and questions them far more than their male counterparts.

Hathaway ran into this issue when working on one day with director lone scherfig, and admits she was always questioning her capabilities.

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Anne Hathaway

It was a stark contrast to how she felt working with male directors, who she tended to see the best in. Sexism isn’t a good look on anyone, even someone as beautiful as anne hathaway.

There’s no doubt she’s a talented actress, but sometimes it’s hard to separate her professional capabilities from her personality.

In general, we tend to like celebrities that come across as humble, personable, and flawed. But whenever hathaway opens her mouth to speak it’s like millions of people suddenly cringe.

Her award acceptance speeches are painful, and don’t even get us started on the 2011 oscars which she hosted with james franco.

Kirk cameron

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Kirk Cameron

Kirk cameron got his start as a child actor, appearing in films such as father like son and listen to me.

He’s probably best-known for his role as mike seaver in the abc sitcom growing pains, but hollywood has definitely grown out of its love affair with this actor.

Many celebrities are open about their religious beliefs, but cameron’s can best be described as fanatical. He practices a form of fundamental christianity, and completely denies evolution.

This let him to create a baffling video in which he insists that bananas are proof that evolution doesn’t exist.

No really!

He has also gone on a number of rants on social media against gay people. Cameron called homosexuality “unnatural” “ detrimental” and blamed it for the destruction of some civilizations.

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Kirk Cameron

Saying this statements are controversial is an understatement.

Since the majority of his fans now despise him, and hollywood won’t hire him, cameron has tried creating his own films backed by fundamentalist groups.

The documentary monumental: in search of america’s national treasure grossed a total of $177,729.
In 2014, he starred in saving christmas, which won the golden raspberry award for worst picture and for worst screenplay.

Roseanne barr

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Roseanne Barr

Roseanne barr was beloved by many as the star of the sitcom roseanne.

Even at that time, many of her actions were deemed controversial.

At a nationally aired baseball game she gave a horrific rendition of “The star-spangled banner’ that had fans clutching their ears.

To top things off she spat at the ground and grabbed at herself when she was finished.

Many people considered this to be disrespectful, and former president george bush called it “disgraceful.”

Still, when it was announced that roseanne would be getting a reboot in 2018, people were ecstatic.

Roseanne was back in the spotlight, and getting to work with her old pals. The show was getting great ratings, but a tweet from roseanne caused it to grind to a screeching halt.

She tweeted out an incredibly racist and offensive tweet concerning valerie jarrett that was heard around the world.

Jarrett was a well-respected senior advisor to former president barack obama and is an african-american woman.

The network cancelled her show and she lost her role as producer on the conners. But she also lost much more than that since nobody in hollywood is willing to work with her now.


Mo’nique Hollywood actress

Winning an oscar should be the highlight of an actor’s career, but for mo’nique it signified her downfall.

She started out as a member of the queens of comedy, and became known for her role on the upn series the parkers.

Mo’nique was known for her stand up and hosting duties and gradually transitioned to film roles.

In 2009 she played the reprehensible mary lee johnston in the film precious which earned her numerous awards.
There’s no denying that her performance was absolutely phenomenal in that film, and she has the awards to prove it.

So what went so wrong when her acting career was at its peak?

According to mo’nique, it was because she refused to engage in hollywood politics.
After being nominated, it’s expected that a star will show up to the right parties, and campaign for their success.

However, mo’nique refused to do this and felt that campaigning for an award was both unnecessary and that her time could be better spent with her family.

Instead of being subtly snubbed, precious director lee daniels straight up informed mo’nique that she was being blackballed.

Daniels admitted that mo’nique’s actions were “not always in line with the campaign” and it soured her relationship with hollywood.

Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen Hollywood actor

Sometimes when a celebrity suddenly can’t seem to get any work, fans are left wondering what happened.

But it’s safe to say that when it comes to actor charlie sheen, it’s abundantly clear why people don’t want to work with him.

In 2010, sheen was the highest paid television actor, earning $1.8 million for each episode of the show two and a half men.

But his behavior behind the scenes was just a bit erratic.

He openly struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, and was frequently involved in domestic issues.

Eventually, two and a half men had to go on hiatus while sheen tried to clean up his act in rehab.

This was his third attempt in 12 months, but still the show tried to work with him.

IMG 20210223 182253
Charlie Sheen

But when he got back, he decided to thank everyone for their patience by making comments about series creator chuck lorre.

Charlie sheen responded to this ina way that only he could ever dream of.

He asked for a 50% raise after being banned from the warner bros. Studio, claiming that he had always been underpaid.

Sheen also went on television and claimed that he was a “warlock” filled with “tiger blood.”

It’s no wonder nobody wants to hire him at this point.

Stacey Dash

stacey dash gettyimages 460539652 1280
Stacey Dash Hollywood actress

We met actress stacey dash in the movie clueless, many were surprised to learn that she’s clueless in real life.

In 2008, dash was extremely open about her support for now former president barack obama.

But after casting her vote, it seems her political alliance switched to the far right.

That in and of itself wouldn’t be very notable, and earned her a spot on the fox news show outnumbered.

However this new platform ultimately meant the end of her career in hollywood.

She immediately began loudly and publicly exposing some very extreme beliefs and hating on other actors.

barack obama
Barack Obama

She made some derogatory remarks about barack obama, even claiming that he didn’t care about terrorism.

This earned her a two week suspension, but stacey dash didn’t learn her lesson.

At one point she even called for the end of black history month and the bet channel.

When jesse williams delivered a moving speech at the bet awards,
Dash was quick to make a vitriol laced statement, including some offensive terminology.

The bet network responded perfectly by reminding dash that she had once received a paycheck from them!

Finally, fox decided they’d had enough and ended up firing her.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan Hollywood actress

Actress rose mcgowan has made it clear that there’s no love lost between her and hollywood.

In the past she has stated that it’s “built on sickness” and “operates like a cult.”

Given how her once promising career played out, we can’t say we blame her one bit for her outlook.

Mcgowan has made some controversial comments, but none deemed bad enough to explain her sudden disappearance from acting.

It seemed that this charmed actress had been blacklisted and fans had no idea why.

But when the harvey weinstein scandal came to light in 2017, everything became tragically clear.

Mcgowan was one of weinstein’s many victims, and hollywood had done everything it could to silence her.

After she complained, amazon studios dropped her project.

Since then, weinstein made it his mission to blacklist mcgowan from being cast, and to bury the roles she did manage to obtain.

Mcgowan’s manager at the time, jill messick, was accused of being complicit in the coverup.

Many times celebrities are to blame for their careers tanking, but this is a tragic situation all around.

Katherine heigl

Katherine Heigl

Speaking of celebs who shot themselves in the foot, we have katherine heigl.

Not only has she been banned from hollywood, but she has a not undeserved reputation for being miserable to work with.

In addition to her many film roles, she appeared on the show grey’s anatomy, and might be the most despised cast member of all time.

And considering all the behind the scenes drama on that show, this is quite the statement.

She acted like a huge diva on the set, and was constantly running late and holding up production.

Producers and actors alike were already fed up with her when heigl decided to get passive aggressive.

After being nominated for an emmy, heigl withdrew her name for consideration.

When questioned about this unusual move, heigl claimed she wasn’t provided with good enough material to warrant a nomination.

This massive insult to grey’s anatomy didn’t go unnoticed.

She was written off the show, and creator shonda rhimes started using “heigl” to mean someone who is difficult to work with.

For a while, she denied her bad behavior, but katherine heigl has since owned up to it and apologized.

Vince vaughn

Vince Vaughn

For a while, it seemed actor vince vaughn had found his niche in hollywood as the funny guy.

He starred in some of our favorite comedies including dodgeball: a true underdog story and wedding crashers.

But part of the problem with vaughn is he’s widely regarded as a one note actor.

Sure, he was hilarious in some films because he had excellent material to work with.

But he’s also been in some majorly unfunny flops, including the internship.

He also had the misfortune of being in a couple of consecutive box office failures: unfinished business and delivery man.

Some stars could recover from this sort of setback, but it seems as if vaughn just doesn’t have the talent to pull off a resurgence.

He blames himself for picking out doomed projects such as four christmases and couples retreat.

He also spoke out against hollywood, and claimed it made him feel like a cog in a massive machine.

Then there’s the inescapable fact that vince vaughn is getting older.

But considering that vaughn can really only excel by playing immature characters in a state of arrested development, this means his roles are limited as he gets older.

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